Assembly of First Nations Annual Grand Assembly 2017 

From July 24-28th 2017, Innovation 7 attended the Assembly of First Nation’s Annual Grand Assembly in Regina, Saskatchewan. Innovation 7 participated in the Circle of Trade Show, which gave us the opportunity to network with First Nations, organizations, businesses and government from across Canada. We were able to discuss the specific issues that affect First Nation communities and assess how we would then address the issues. Innovation 7’s primary goal is to ensure that those issues, whether they be related to Housing, infrastructure or Economic Development, are given the time and attention they need so that they can then be resolved. Our team observed and took part in many valuable discussions on key issues affecting First Nation communities. High level federal commitments were made during the events that gave First Nation communities hope. Items like extending the ability of communities to use financial resources and carry them over fiscal years will greatly affect the ability of communities to build better infrastructure. Common sense adjustments like this to public policy will create an environment for investment and business growth in First Nations communities. The subject matter of the resolutions and the direction given to the AFN will prove to make for an interesting Fall 2017.