Innovation Seven (I7) is 100% Indigenous Owned and Operated.

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Message From the President

We see an incredible opportunity to bring new engagement strategies and approaches to First Nations, Inuit and Métis people in Canada. With the many challenges facing Indigenous populations such as; funding scarcity, no access to capacity or to local opportunities, we are in the business of identifying and implementing positive changes in the community. We work closely with our clients to learn about and collaborate with their communities so that the wishes of each community and their membership is thoroughly understood and acted on.

It is firmly believed that the social issues that plague many communities are attributed, in part, to lack of quality housing, infrastructure, and economic opportunity. Indigenous people leave the communities in droves looking for housing and opportunities in urban areas but are often met with misery. To address these issues, I7 is dedicated to ensuring that control over housing and infrastructure is given to the communities so that they can use the modern tools of development to realize their local needs.

We  look forward to working with our clients to help develop opportunities and provide options and solutions that will get each community closer to realizing their quality of life vision.

Thank you,

Dale Booth


I7 was founded to provide innovative infrastructure, housing, and economic solutions to the complex problems that Canada’s Indigenous populations face. We believe that these solutions should live on and benefit the succeeding seven generations through increased opportunity and a higher quality of life.


I7 understands that the first step to improving the current state for Canada’s Indigenous population involves listening. The problems of Canada’s First Nation, Inuit, and Métis population have long been overlooked and misunderstood due to a lack of communication. Taking the pulse of the market is essential to being able to develop a viable transaction that will benefit all stakeholders involved. To that end, I7 maintains close working relationships with Indigenous clients, the private marketplace, and government departments to better comprehend the needs of all parties.

I7 strives to always represent the best interests of our clients, who rely on us to provide them with the best advice based on due diligence and consideration of modern methodologies and leading industry practices.

Developing a framework from the outset of the project which embraces the principles of collaboration and inclusion, a clear mandate, respectful and appropriate communications, and innovation, is our commitment.

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